Master Key Experience Week 22: Part 2

This week we were on our own again and I’m seeing clearly which habits are sticking.


I’m still doing at least one of the reads and faithful to my DMP.

I’m still doing the sit.

I’m still saying the affirmations and executing on the chore card.

But it is incredible how quickly the little things can start to slide…


I see this with clients too..


Without accountability we can fall back into less productive habits.


Ultimately though, more is sticking and things are stronger than before…

this is progress. 🙂

Master Key Experience: Week 22

“Silence is the language of God.

All else is poor translation” Rumi

“Silence gives answers” 




This week, we were asked to carve out time for silence.

Ideally 72  hours.


I long for it.

I’m afraid of it.

I immediately thought of all the reasons I couldn’t – right now.


  • Peak season for work.
  • Need to situate the team.
  • Need to respond to client needs.
  • Have to play tennis on 5 teams.
  • Have to show up for dance practice.
  • Can’t really explain this to my boyfriend.
  • What about my parents worrying?


I did exactly what they said I would do.  I made excuses to not do the silence activity- right now.


And yet, all I want is to be alone and face myself.


Tune in.


Shut out any of the S***.

Be free of the noise.

Just be peaceful.

*To be fair, I have way more good noise than bad, but let’s be real either way you flip it, I’m overstimulated right now and feeling a bit like a hamster on a wheel that has the radio on, t.v. in the background and fb notifications going off…



So I’m excited for this.

But scared too…


What will I find when I get there? What is waiting for me in the quiet?

Has anything really mattered to this point?

Is what I’m doing even that relevant?



But maybe not.

Maybe what I think I want isn’t even what I want…

I think I’m good there.

I’m betting that what I’m really going to face is the part of my mind that wants to “keep me safe” and is really just holding me back.

I bet what I’m really going to face is me.


I guess we’ll see because the plan is the end of March: 36 hours to start.

And then after that I go to 48 in April.


Hold me accountable would you?

Because I know whatever or whoever is there in the silence is what/who I need to meet next.





Master Key Experience Week 21

“If you wanna make the world a better place

Take a look in the mirror and make the change

You gotta get it right while you’ve got the time

Cuz when you close your mind

You close your heart ”

Michael Jackson

This week, I am continuing to read, review, digest and aim to ‘live this day as though it is my last’ and to view everything as a miracle.

All of the concepts from the last few weeks are coming together in week 21.

Albert Einstein’s quote about there being a choice, ‘everything or nothing’ being a miracle, Og’s Scroll about living this day as if it is my last and the realization that my biggest area of influence is the world within: the woman in the mirror- or as we have been reciting daily, the Gal in the Glass.


What would the person I am becoming do next?

She would love more.

She would give more.

(the law of giving and in the flow)

She would ‘do it now‘.

And most of all she would know beyond a doubt that everything she truly wants is coming her way…

Just like it will be for you, when you apply the Master Key System to your Definite Major Purpose.

I am blown away by the way that our teachers and leaders Mark, Davene and the Guides have brought this together to drive home these Universal Principles.

I am excited to share what happens next.

Master Key Experience: Week 20

What am I pretending not to know?

What would the future me do?

Is today my day to excel?

Seize it now…


Last week’s presentation was powerful.

We went through coach John Wooden’s Success Pyramid and it was mind-blowing to see how over the last 19 week’s we had been building in the principles he outlines here:


We have the ability to build habits that lead to our success and all along, slowly and incrementally we’ve been doing it.


How do you wire yourself for success?

By training in success.



How do you wire yourself to be happy?

By finding happiness- daily.


How do you develop characteristics you desire?

By looking for them in others (and yourself) daily…


In short, we get more of what we seek.

What we focus on we find.


It is the Law of Attraction and the Law of Growth.

The Master Key system teaches how to do this.



Master Key Experience Week 19

Have I been letting myself be happier?

Every day, the 3 gratitudes and 1 pleasant experience summary

are helping me to program in that today was a great day, a blessing.

They are helping me to program in an attitude of gratitude and a go-to response of happiness.

But am I really letting myself seek the opportunity to be happier?

That was what I kept asking myself this week.

Is it a pattern to be frustrated, worried or sad?

If it is, can I change it?

I know that I can.


We are reading Og’s Scroll about living today as though it is my last. Coach John Wooden said we have to live the day as if it is a masterpiece.

This is a practice too…



Master Key Experience: Week 18

What would the future me do?

One question can completely change how I show up in the world.

She would get up a bit earlier.

She would make sure her time is blocked daily.

She would eliminate distractions.

She would be relentless insuring the highest standards of conduct from herself and she would aim to lead her team similarly.

She would envision the future daily.

She would consistently ask herself to play up.

She would focus on giving- anyway she could.

She would do better.

And just like that, one degree of improvement has occurred for me.

Daily now, we are wiring in the search for self mastery, the focus on gratitude and positivity and the seeking of virtues we wish to have more of in our lives.

And it is working.

The Master Key Experience is giving me the tools I need to train myself to more quickly become the better version of myself- my future self.

Master Key Experience Week 17: Part 2

The Hero’s Journey…

Joseph Campbell taught us much when he explored and wrote about the Hero’s Journey:

According to Campbell, there are “12 Stages of The Hero’s Journey
  • Ordinary World. This is where the Hero’s exists before his present story begins, oblivious of the adventures to come. …
  • Call To Adventure. …
  • Refusal Of The Call. …
  • Meeting The Mentor. …
  • Crossing The Threshold. …
  • Tests, Allies, Enemies. …
  • Approach To The Inmost Cave. …
  • Ordeal.
  • Reward
  • The Road Back
  • Resurrection
  • Return with Elixir “


For many people they “refuse the call to greatness”.  They know that they have something more to offer and can be more, do more, give more and live more but they either don’t see the path or they refuse to venture into the unknown out of fear.


I’ve been there.

I see my friends there.

I see family there.

I find myself back there occasionally, playing small.


It is my old blueprint. It is an associative memory that forms my identity.  And it isn’t really who I am…


It takes constant reinforcement for me to become the best version of myself, to become my future self. But it is coming…I can see myself stepping up and around me, I can see others doing so as well.