Master Key Experience Week 1: What the heck have I gotten myself into?

I finally completed the 2 hour long webinar…after breaking it into 4 chunks.

I’ve submitted my DMP or “Definite Major Purpose” for the first round of edits.

I’ve purchased two copies of Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman in the World and read the first scroll.

My next step is to read this scroll and the Blue Print Builder thing aloud.

I’m about to read the first lesson of the Master Key.


There is a LOT of repetition.  And the reading aloud thing is Weird.  Effective. But still weird.

I suppose though, it is all sort of like a new lift, new dance move or tennis stroke. Awkward and clumsy to start and smoother with practice.

I understand the learning process:

unconsciously incompetent—->

consciously incompetent (HERE I AM :p)—->

consciously competent——>

unconsciously competent.

Like any new skill, I’m learning from gross to fine. With revision, refinement and finesse acquired over time.


On a positive note: The course is interesting.

The content is great.

And I’m excited.


I’m particularly pleased (and not surprised 🙂 )  to be working with principles that make sense to me and masters whose works I’ve read: The Law of Attraction and Napoleon Hill.


I know this will work.

It is working already, but did I mention it feels awkward and weird?


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