Master Key Experience Week 12: 60 minutes later

I am a NY Times best selling author, and five time Fit Body Boot Camp owner living a life of service and impact earning 525k in net personal income by October 10th, 2020.


I guess I misunderstood slightly.

The assignment was repeat the 1 sentence summary of our current Definite Major Purpose for 50 minutes.

I did 60 minutes.

For one hour, taking breaks to sip some fluids I repeated the sentence above.

I was excited.

I was bored.

I was pretty sure I was forgetting a word here or there.

I was using the flashcard.

I was repeating it from memory.


By the end though it seemed inevitable.

It still does actually.


How can all of this possibly not happen?

It is happening.

It is a done deal.


I think that was the point of the assignment.  To train ourselves to be so totally bought in to what it is that we want that it becomes necessary for behavior and attitudes to align to bring it about.


All I can think is “Don’t believe us just watch”.  This is happening all around the world with the Master Key Experience. People are setting their minds on a course and DOING it.


Who is coming along?


One thought on “Master Key Experience Week 12: 60 minutes later

  1. Great job on going 60 minutes! The time really did fly by, though, didn’t it? At first I thought “50 whole minutes???”. Then, once I started, it seemed like it over in a couple seconds, lol. I love your sentence. One of my PPNs is Recognition for Creative Expression and being a best-selling author is also my DMP. I think we’ll see both our names on that NY Times best seller list!

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