Master Key Experience: Persistence

In Scroll 3 of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World  he writes about persistence.


The dictionary defines per·sist·ence
  1. firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
    “companies must have patience and persistence, but the rewards are there”
    • the continued or prolonged existence of something.
      “the persistence of huge environmental problems”


In week 14, our task was to watch one of several movies that provided an example of persistence, speaking your goals into existence, discipline, tenacity and all of the characteristics one needs to accomplish one’s definite major purpose in life.

I chose the Disney movie Cool Runnings.  I love how even in the midst of a crushing defeat the protagonist never gave up on his goal of making it to the Olympics.  He knew he couldn’t compete in the sprints, so he found another path. He didn’t have the teammates to start, or the necessary equipment, or even the climate to practice his sport but he persisted.  He never gave him. He did whatever it took to get to the Olympics.


The Jamaican bobsled team, in the movie Cool Runnings, was laughed at, told they couldn’t do it, made fun of and very few believed they had what it took. But they persisted until they succeeded.

They exemplified Scroll 3 of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World.

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