Master Key Experience: Week 16

Last week we began a 12 week virtue make-over using an adapted version of Benjamin Franklin’s personal process.  The task is to focus diligently on a characteristic or virtue that we wish to see grow and develop within ourselves.

We were to rank the characteristics in order of our greatest to least needed areas for development.

While this tends to ebb and flow for me, at this particular time I wanted to continue to see the virtue of discipline enhanced in my life.   All of last week, I found examples of disciplined behavior in myself and in others.  I observed and I took note.

This week, everyone in the Master Key Alliance is focusing on kindness.

Not only kindnesses we are noticing from others, but our intention is to go out and randomly execute one or two acts of kindness (for which we may never have noticed or receive thanks).

Why are we doing this?

Because What we focus on we find. It is the Law of Growth. 

The Law of Growth states “ the Universal Law which is one of the simplest to comprehend. It simply exists to ensure that something always grows, that creation is constant and determined by the kind and quality of seed which is planted. In the case of Universal truth this seed is determined by the energy projected.”

I’m excited to see what a group of 350 ish students of the Laws of the Universe and the Master Key System can create, together, in terms of a ripple effect of positivity.


We all want to develop a bit more kindness.

Will you join us?


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