Master Key Experience: Week 18

What would the future me do?

One question can completely change how I show up in the world.

She would get up a bit earlier.

She would make sure her time is blocked daily.

She would eliminate distractions.

She would be relentless insuring the highest standards of conduct from herself and she would aim to lead her team similarly.

She would envision the future daily.

She would consistently ask herself to play up.

She would focus on giving- anyway she could.

She would do better.

And just like that, one degree of improvement has occurred for me.

Daily now, we are wiring in the search for self mastery, the focus on gratitude and positivity and the seeking of virtues we wish to have more of in our lives.

And it is working.

The Master Key Experience is giving me the tools I need to train myself to more quickly become the better version of myself- my future self.

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