Master Key Experience Week 21

“If you wanna make the world a better place

Take a look in the mirror and make the change

You gotta get it right while you’ve got the time

Cuz when you close your mind

You close your heart ”

Michael Jackson

This week, I am continuing to read, review, digest and aim to ‘live this day as though it is my last’ and to view everything as a miracle.

All of the concepts from the last few weeks are coming together in week 21.

Albert Einstein’s quote about there being a choice, ‘everything or nothing’ being a miracle, Og’s Scroll about living this day as if it is my last and the realization that my biggest area of influence is the world within: the woman in the mirror- or as we have been reciting daily, the Gal in the Glass.


What would the person I am becoming do next?

She would love more.

She would give more.

(the law of giving and in the flow)

She would ‘do it now‘.

And most of all she would know beyond a doubt that everything she truly wants is coming her way…

Just like it will be for you, when you apply the Master Key System to your Definite Major Purpose.

I am blown away by the way that our teachers and leaders Mark, Davene and the Guides have brought this together to drive home these Universal Principles.

I am excited to share what happens next.

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