Master Key Experience: Week 24


The French word for beginning…

When we think of commencement we often think of  “graduation” and then what comes after…


This course has taught me so much about who I am, who I believe myself to be and my willingness to consistently ask of myself to become more and do more.


Many people I know believe that we can manifest, that we can attract what we want in our lives and we can.

But we can also get in our own way…

this course provided me with practical, actionable steps to gradually work the process of changing for the better.


Has it been smooth?

Not the entire time.

Has it been easy?

Some of the time.

Some of the time no.

Has it been complicated?

Not at all.

The one key was simply taking consistent action and apply the materials as they explained how to do…


And now, I know that everything I want and more is coming and I know how to get there…



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