Master Key Experience: Week 6 My Movie Poster 

Art credit to Dana Schomberg 


Week 6, began with a webinar where we learned even more about how are shapes can be connected to our Personal Pivotal Needs.

This week we got to switch to scroll #2 in Og’s Greatest Salesman in the World.

I’m absolutely LOVING (no pun intended) the second scroll.


I’m not sure if I’m seeing things translate into concrete realizations of my goals yet, but I do feel like my goals are front of mind and I can clearly articulate what I want and by when. I feel proud of the work I’m doing.


Master Key Week 5

Do it now, do it now, do it now….

I can be what I will to be.


What do I need to do now?


The progressions are building one on top of the other but I’m still not sure I’m really in the flow yet.


I think I almost have the GS down and the affirmations but I keep forgetting one element or another.


I’m finding it interesting to see how I’m doing as the “observer”.



Master Key Experience Week 4: I’m addicted to feeling certain ways?!

Mind blown.

A bit of shock and awe…


Not only do we get more of what we are putting out into the universe, but also we can become addicted to emotions and set ourselves up to attract more of certain responses.


Say whaaaaat? You mean some people are addicted to nasty spazzy fights, others feelings of sadness and rejection? YIKES.


The upside is we can re-wire this.

We are doing this with Greatest Salesman with reading our Definite Major Purpose, with keeping promises to ourselves to complete daily actions…



Very cool.



Master Key Experience Week 3: I did everything, oh wait I forgot that…

Scroll 1



Do It Now





Look for shapes: blue rectangles, red circles



Scroll 1


Do It Now


Was there something else?



I’m not sure if I’ve had a “perfect day” yet.

Then yesterday I realized it was Wednesday and I hadn’t submitted my revised DMP yet…


Where does the time go?

And how do I get a system for this?  I’m still feeling a bit like I’m flailing and not sure how exactly to keep up.





Master Key Experience Week 2: I’m blue

“I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa
Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa
Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa”

Eiffel 65


This week the color is blue.

The shape is rectangle.

The PPNs are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression.

I’m feeling less and and less ridiculous reading aloud my DMP, the BPB and the 1st Scroll…

And wait, is it time for another webcast?

Have I done the survey?

Did I do my chore?

Did I celebrate?

Did I????



I’m not really sure if I’m on track but I’m doing the best I can to follow along.


I just submitted my revision to my coach Justin and I’m pretty sure I’m still nowhere specific enough.


I think I need a nap.


Master Key Experience Week 1: What the heck have I gotten myself into?

I finally completed the 2 hour long webinar…after breaking it into 4 chunks.

I’ve submitted my DMP or “Definite Major Purpose” for the first round of edits.

I’ve purchased two copies of Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman in the World and read the first scroll.

My next step is to read this scroll and the Blue Print Builder thing aloud.

I’m about to read the first lesson of the Master Key.


There is a LOT of repetition.  And the reading aloud thing is Weird.  Effective. But still weird.

I suppose though, it is all sort of like a new lift, new dance move or tennis stroke. Awkward and clumsy to start and smoother with practice.

I understand the learning process:

unconsciously incompetent—->

consciously incompetent (HERE I AM :p)—->

consciously competent——>

unconsciously competent.

Like any new skill, I’m learning from gross to fine. With revision, refinement and finesse acquired over time.


On a positive note: The course is interesting.

The content is great.

And I’m excited.


I’m particularly pleased (and not surprised 🙂 )  to be working with principles that make sense to me and masters whose works I’ve read: The Law of Attraction and Napoleon Hill.


I know this will work.

It is working already, but did I mention it feels awkward and weird?