Definite Major Purpose until October 2020

My current Personal Pivotal Needs are

Recognition for Creative Expression



I promise to wake up and happily pursue my life’s mission of liberty and recognition for creative expression.  I know that I’m connected to all living beings on the planet. I focus on the joy and peace in my life and this brings me greater and greater confidence and comfort.

I am continuing to live a life of service through my work as a multiple fitness studio owner. I am a New York Times Bestselling Author and I own 5 Twin Cities based thriving fitness studios. I receive compensation of $525,000 per year in personal net income by October 10th, 2020. The money flows in easily because I continue to touch larger and larger numbers of people with my work and contribution: through video, newsletter, speaking and client engagement both directly and indirectly (through my team).

My studios continue to be located in Plymouth and Maple Grove as well as in Wayzata/Orono, Champlin/Northern Brooklyn Park area and Bloomington.  I excitedly lead my team- who predominantly helps women ages 35-55 transform their lives through losing body fat and lifestyle changes. This work is fun, rewarding, fulfilling and exciting and I love managing my growing team of employees and clients as we generate $500k annually in gross revenue at each of the five locations. The leadership role I have requires that I continuously be growing and expanding as a person. I do this work daily.

Because of the abundance of time and financial resources in my life, I’m able to do all of the charitable work and giving including the creation of foundations and scholarships that help female entrepreneurs and those looking to pursue a business that contributes to the betterment of their communities. The first of my foundations is doing work with female entrepreneurs by January 2019.

Due to my financial resources, I have great physical comfort and satisfaction. I sleep well at night because I know that my family is taken care of and that all of their financial needs are always covered.

My relationships are uplifting, supportive, forward moving and filled with laughter and joy. I allocate time daily and weekly for my friends and family.

I surround myself with people in my family, inner circle and romantic relationships who are positive, expansive and adventure seeking. I aim to be a source of joy and light in their lives and they are the same in mine.

I always keep my promises.